The V-ring is a very common seal, utilized in a variety of applications.

The V-ring is usually meant as dust seal and it is not supposed to provide a very efficient sealing function; in some cases the V-ring runs with poor lubrication and its lifetime is short.

Carco has developed a face seal able to provide high sealing performance and longer life and its name is Carcoseal/FM/03:

 FM 03 pres


Carcoseal/FM/03 can replace standard V-rings in critical applications:

  • First barrier to cooling water in steel rolling mills, protecting the bearing on roll neck;
  • Seal on main bearings in wind turbines;
  • Any application requiring more seal reliability out of a face seal.

 Carcoseal/FM/03 is available in endless version and also in split version to avoid shaft removal and then it is jointed on site with our gluing technologies.

We also offer the clamped version (Carcoseal/FM/03/C) in case correct positioning of the seal is needed during fitting.



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