Windpower market has become strategical for CARCO since giant wind mills require large diameter seals and offshore wind mills need even more reliable and long-lasting seals to avoid lubricant leakage and risk of damage to bearings and gearboxes.
CARCO manufactures CARCOSEAL rotary shaft seals of several meter diameter for the rotor bearing in elastomers resistant to wear, low temperature and ozone.
The “ISP” and “CSP” technologies enable the gluing on site of split seals. CARCO staff is available to replace seals on site worldwide.
The “PTFE LINER” solution applied to CARCOSEAL reduces dramatically the friction on the rotary shaft and the power loss caused by the seals.
CARCOSEAL/UN/06 with vulcanized finger spring is the solution for spring fitting of very large rotary shaft seals.

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