CARCO is specialized in seal solutions for ships, taking the huge responsibility of:
- avoiding pollution into seas or lakes due to lubricant leakage;
- keeping seawater outside the ship propulsion, steering and stabilizing components.
The seals must cover the scheduled working period as unexpected maintenance intervention due to heavy seal leakage leads to extremely high costs and sometimes to the drydocking.
Ship components:
- Thrusters
- Fin stabilizers
- Rudders and steering gears
- Propeller shafts, bearings and gearboxes
- Winches
CARCO seals are fitted endless in new ship components; to avoid costly disassembling of rotary shafts, CARCOSEAL is available also in split version together with “ISP Technology” to glue the seal on site and offer the same performance as endless.
CARCO’s laboratory has tested the chemical compatibility of rubber compounds with a variety of “Environmental Acceptable Lubricants” (EAL) to satisfy the “Vessel General Permit” (VGP) regulations issued by the U.S. EPA.

Shipbuilding Components