company oldFrom leather seals for hydropower plants in the Alps back in year 1900 to today’s giant seals for Tunnel Boring Machines.

This is the CARCO evolution in more than a century. Never compromising on quality, we have been manufacturing a huge number of rotary and hydraulic seals with no limit in diameter. Each CARCO seal takes large responsibility, as we dedicate to challenging and critical applications, with no room for mistakes.

Today CARCO is a Group of companies with more than 100 people in 5 Countries. Headquarter is in Basiano (Milan – Italy). Other sales offices are in Germany, France, USA and China. Manufacturing facilities are in Italy and USA. CARCO is a global seal supplier covering a variety of seal profiles and materials, from fabric reinforced elastomers to thermoplastic polymers. In 1992 we were amongst the first ISO certified companies in Italy.




company nowShort delivery time is part of CARCO image; even large diameter seals for metal forging presses or giant wind mills are available in 1 week or less. We are proud of remaining always above 95% of orders delivered on time.

CARCO is application oriented: to satisfy the customer’s requirements we need to know deeply the machinery in which our seal is fitted. Our technical department specifies the correct seal profile and material to offer the longest seal life and prevent unscheduled machine shutdown.

CARCO engineers recommend: type of seal, seal housing, lubrication, metalwork hardness and roughness, etc.: the complete project. With FEA analysis we can predict the behaviour of the seal under certain conditions. Our test rigs enable us to explore new projects and our laboratory can test the chemical compatibility of our materials with biolubricants. CARCO staff can replace seals on site worldwide with gluing and hot joint technologies to prevent costly machine disassembling. YOU CAN HAVE ALL THIS FROM CARCO !